Zorrilla y Moral

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Zor·ril·la y Mo·ral

 (zə-rē′ə ē mə-räl′, thō-rē′lyä ē mō-räl′), José 1817-1893.
Spanish writer whose romantic works include the play Don Juan Tenorio (1844) and the unfinished narrative poem Granada (1852).

Zorrilla y Moral

(Spanish θɔˈrriʎa i moˈral)
(Biography) José (xoˈse). 1817–93, Spanish poet and dramatist, noted for his romantic plays based on national legends, esp Don Juan Tenorio (1844)

Zor•ri•lla y Mo•ral

(sɔrˈil yɑ i mɔˈrɑl)
José, 1817–93, Spanish poet and dramatist.
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The highly popular Don Juan Tenorio (1844) of Jose Zorrilla y Moral, still traditionally performed in Spain, borrowed lavishly from French sources.