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Noun1.Josef Albers - United States painter born in Germany; works characterized by simple geometrical patterns in various colors (1888-1976)
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MASTER CLASS: JOSEF ALBERS AND HIS STUDENTS AT THE NASSAU COUNTY MUSEUM OF ART A first in a series exploring the student-teacher relationship in art history, this exhibit looks at the works of Josef Albers, known for his Bauhaus training.
Beginning in the 1930s, Josef Albers paid more than a dozen visits to Mexican archaeological sites, picking up source material for his practice.
I type on an Eames chair, eat with Arne Jacobsen cutlery and rest tired eyes on the coloured squares of Josef Albers.
Asawa attended Black Mountain College between 1946 and 1949, and was a devoted student of Josef Albers, whose emphasis on the importance of materials can be seen in her wire creations.
Timothy McCarthy and Caleb Hartzler at Alchemy Properties report brisk business at the building's sales gallery where art by Anni and Josef Albers is an added bosnus.
These final works read as an extended homage to the history of abstraction: Josef Albers paid homage to the square, but, with Echoes, Koegel honors to a gestural matrix at a square's center.
Design contest: "expansion josef albers museum quadrat" in bottrop.
As she currently finds inspiration in abstract art by artists such as Mark Rothko, Josef Albers, Britt Bass Turner, and Jenny Prinn, it's no wonder she goes for statement shoes with loud colors, unconventional designs, and interesting prints, and even has a strange attraction to fruit on shoes, from bananas to apples-you name it.
The show, at Edgbaston's Barber Institute, features works from Josef Albers, Victor Pasmore, Ad Reinhardt and Bridget Riley.
Blue-patterned tolle de Jouy table skirts contrast with a striking selection of original modern paintings by artists including Robert Indiana, Nancy Craves and Josef Albers, turning the dining room into an ersatz gallery.
Abstract art is a 65-year old tradition in the Philippines since Constancio Bernardo made his first iconic abstract painting entitled Perpetual Motion while a student at the Yale University in 1950--he was then influenced by German abstract expressionist Josef Albers, head of Yale's painting department, after the school ended its tradition of promoting the Italian School of painting.
Josef Albers and Wassily Kandinsky: Friends in Exile