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Noun1.Joseph McCarthy - United States politician who unscrupulously accused many citizens of being Communists (1908-1957)
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Joseph McCarthy in the early 1950s stirs memories of one of the nation's bleakest periods.
As sensational as all this attention may be, the combination of adversity and critical acclaim places him squarely in the cult of personality in American literature, right next to such luminaries as Langston Hughes (accused by Joseph McCarthy of being a Communist) and Zora Neal Hurston (famous for her life on the road).
Joseph McCarthy and the House on Un-American Activities committee in the 1950s, or the FBI COINTELPRO-type espionage remains to be seen.
Joseph McCarthy had been discredited by 1954 and even Anne Smart found that her political agenda was often overshadowed in the press by the salacious nature of some of the books she challenged (Benemann, 1977, p.
For the better part of four years, in the early 1950s, the press performed this function for Senator Joseph McCarthy, who went largely unchallenged as he brought charge after charge of"treason" and "communist subversion" against people whom he could not have victimized without the complicity of the national media.
While it enables him to analyze a dazzling array of topics through the lens of masculinity - Andrew Jackson, the Gold Rush, Moby Dick, Ragged Dick, Social Darwinism, The Wizard of Oz, the Arts and Craft Movement, shell shock, Frederic Remington, fraternal organizations, Muscular Christianity, Superman, gangster movies, film noir, Joseph McCarthy, Charles Atlas, Playboy, Students for a Democratic Society, JFK, LBJ, Reagan and Rambo, Real Men Don't Eat Quiche, and George Bush to name a few - and to make trenchant observations about the instability of masculinity, there are drawbacks to this approach.
Always a moral force as much as anything, Lewitzky noisily protested the left-baiting political witch-hunts led by Senator Joseph McCarthy and others of the House Committee on Un-american Activities during the 1950s.
As he has often pointed out, though, the novel was filled with cold war and Korean War anachronisms--helicopters, computers, and loyalty oaths, not to mention thinly veiled references to Joseph McCarthy and members of the Eisenhower administration.
The TCDL system provides real-time sensor and targeting information, allowing commanders to quickly assess and respond to threats," said Joseph McCarthy, vice president of communications and tactical networks for BAE Systems in Wayne, New Jersey.
EVENTS 1954: The Secretary of the US army orders two generals subpoenaed by anti-Communist senator Joseph McCarthy to ignore the summons.
1954: Four years of anti-Communist witch-hunts in America came to an end when its instigator, Joseph McCarthy, was condemned for conduct unbecoming a senator.
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