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(ˈdʒoʊ zəf sən, -səf-)

Brian David, born 1940, British physicist: Nobel prize 1973.
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We see brands of all categories and industries using hashtags," says Twitter's head of global brand strategy, Alex Josephson.
Canada's tries was scored by scrum-half Lori Josephson and rightwing Magali Harvey, who converted the former's and landed a penalty in the second half.
Moreover, Paul Josephson considers the biographies, activities, and fates of the people in these events--not only leaders, but common people too, such as lower personnel and humble workers.
Here Paul Josephson provides a detailed account of Russian resource extraction in the Arctic--fish and whales in the nineteenth century, and oil and gas in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.
What David Josephson has uncovered in this in-depth biographical monograph is a narrative that tells us not only about Meyer-Baer's life and career, but also is an engaging case study of musical emigres, German and American musicological institutions, and academic miscommunications.
Golubov and his colleagues have proposed creating basic memory cells based on quantum effects in "sandwiches" of a superconductor -- dielectric (or other insulating material) -- superconductor, which were predicted in the 1960s by the British physicist Brian Josephson.
The US patent titled 'Enhancing Critical Current Density of Cuprate Superconductors' reveals a method for improving the critical current density in superconductors by restricting the movement of Abrikosov (A) vortices, Josephson (J) vortices, or Abrikosov-Josephson (A-J) vortices using the half integer vortices associated with the d-wave symmetry present in the grain boundary.
Josephson said, for example, that the Webster schools are doing a good job of providing, but added that the institutions serve overlapping target families and that redundancies are wasting precious financial resources.
Fortunately Josephson is much more circumspect and careful in the text itself, offering broad-ranging information and insights that contribute to the study of religion in general (as well as other cultural and social issues), not just in Japan.
CREDITS: Filmed in Los Angeles by Josephson Entertainment in association with 20th Century Fox Television.
OMNOVA Solutions (NYSE:OMN) revealed on Tuesday the completion of the sale of certain assets of its North American commercial wallcovering business to J Josephson Inc of New Jersey.