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 (jō-sē′fəs), Flavius ad 37-100?
Jewish general and historian who took part in the Jewish revolt against the Romans. His History of the Jewish War is the major source of information about the siege of Masada (72-73).


(Biography) Flavius (ˈfleɪvɪəs). real name Joseph ben Matthias. ?37–?100 ad, Jewish historian and general; author of History of the Jewish War and Antiquities of the Jews


(dʒoʊˈsi fəs)

Flavius, A.D. 37?–c100, Jewish historian.
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Noun1.Josephus - Jewish general who led the revolt of the Jews against the Romans and then wrote a history of those events (37-100)
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It is said, (Tacitus, Strabo, Josephus, Daniel of St.
There was a time, when the Saviour taught here, that boats were plenty among the fishermen of the coasts--but boats and fishermen both are gone, now; and old Josephus had a fleet of men-of-war in these waters eighteen centuries ago--a hundred and thirty bold canoes--but they, also, have passed away and left no sign.
While giving his arm, he thought that he should not himself like to be an old fellow with his constitution breaking up; and he waited good-temperedly, first before the window to hear the wonted remarks about the guinea-fowls and the weather-cock, and then before the scanty book-shelves, of which the chief glories in dark calf were Josephus, Culpepper, Klopstock's "Messiah," and several volumes of the "Gentleman's Magazine.
His father, Josephus Gluck, was a special policeman and night watchman, who, in the year 1900, died suddenly of pneumonia.
Valerius is right at the heart of the bloody battles to take the city walls and the intrigues that will lead to their fall, Jerusalem's destruction and a slaughter that historian Josephus claims cost the lives of a million people.
Craig's biography of Secretary of the Navy Josephus Daniels.
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Sculpting Idolatry in Flavian Rome: (An)Iconic Rhetoric in the Writings of Flavius Josephus.
FORCED to flee his country as the Kaiser's armies advanced in 1914, Belgian carpenter Josephus Van Camp and his wife Bertha found refuge overseas in England.
Judas of Nazareth: How the Greatest Teacher of First-Century Israel Was Replaced by a Literary Creation is for any collection strong in either new age for alternative Christianity, and here provides a survey that uses the histories of Josephus, Tacitus, Pliny and the Dead Sea Scrolls to argue that the "Jesus" of the Bible was actually a composite of peoples.
Ranging down through the halls of history from Homer and Hesiod, to Sophocles, Plato, and Aristotle, to Philon of Larissa and Cicero of Rome, to Josephus, Plutarch and Justinian, to Dante Aligheiri, William of Ockham, and Petrarch, to Leonardo Da Vinci, Martin Luther, and Copernicus, to Queen Elizabeth, William Shakespeare, and Locke, and so many more, we are treated to a wealth of historical personalities, their lives, accomplishments and influences.
Since the time of Julius Caesar, the Jews had enjoyed some favour from Rome, most significantly including religious liberty: while the claim that Judaism was recognised as a religio licita under Roman law is not by any means indisputable, there is enough evidence to suggest, as Pucci Ben Zeev concludes in her work on the documents quoted by Josephus, 'that the same policy was implemented by Augustus toward all the Jews, no matter where they lived', and this policy was of general religious liberty.