Josephus Flavius

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 (jō-sē′fəs), Flavius ad 37-100?
Jewish general and historian who took part in the Jewish revolt against the Romans. His History of the Jewish War is the major source of information about the siege of Masada (72-73).
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The Acra's location was referred to vaguely in at least two ancient texts -- the Book of Maccabees, which tells of the rebellion, and a written record by historian Josephus Flavius.
Jewish rights in the Roman world: The Greek and Roman documents quoted by Josephus Flavius.
Western Australia) looks at evidence in the writings of Jewish philosopher Philo of Alexandria (20 BC - 50 AD), Jewish commander turned Roman historian Josephus Flavius (37-100), and a Christian document written possibly in the late second century but drawing on older Jewish material.