Josiah Quincy

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Noun1.Josiah Quincy - American patriot who presented the colonists' grievances to the English king (1744-1775)Josiah Quincy - American patriot who presented the colonists' grievances to the English king (1744-1775)
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The book likewise contained portraits of James Otis and Josiah Quincy.
Old Josiah Quincy was mayor of the city, and he sent aunt word that the Marquis Lafayette wished to pay his respects to her.
This is my first job and it's giving me experience in communication so that I can benefit in the future," said Alex Tieu, a sophomore at Josiah Quincy Upper School, who works at BCYF's Youth Engagement & Employment office helping youth obtain employment.
As the prescient Josiah Quincy foresaw, storms-complete with the thunder and lightning of discharging cannon-did indeed fall upon his land.
Wai Chin Ng, Josiah Quincy Elementary School, Boston, Mass.
I'll instance three: Massachusetts Federalist Josiah Quincy described Henry Clay and his fellow warhawks of 1812 as "sycophantic, fawning reptiles, who crowded at the feet of the president, and left their filthy slime upon the carpet of the palace.
Portrait of a Patriot: The Major Political and Legal Papers of Josiah Quincy Junior.
TBHR), a law firm located in Boston's Back Bay, delivered school supplies yesterday to 120 first grade students at the Josiah Quincy Elementary School in Boston's Chinatown neighborhood.
Portrait of a patriot; the major political and legal papers of Josiah Quincy Junior; v.
Next, on May 19, the Secretary was in Boston, delivering the commencement address at Lesley University and visiting classrooms at Beachmont Veterans Memorial School and Josiah Quincy Elementary School.
Examples of republican dissenters include Senator Josiah Quincy, one of the signers of the 1812 minority report that questioned the merits of Mr.