Joss paper

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1.Gold and silver paper burned by the Chinese, in the form of coins or ingots, in worship and at funerals.
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A Philippine mall has issued an apology after a photo surfaced of joss paper being used for Lunar New Year decorations for a bazaar inside its grounds.
In the photo, red, pineapple-shaped lanterns can been seen strung from the ceiling, but oddly in between each pineapple is a large joss paper note.
People used to write their wishes on joss paper and throw it onto the tree after paying their respects.
Incense burning should only be carried out inside a designated joss paper furnace or iron bucket.
Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger, Winston Churchill and actor Michael Madsen have all done it PEOPLE throw joss paper into Hong Kong's two wishing trees at Lam Tsuen to make wishes.
For instance, Santa Monica designer Sara Goodman papered a small powder room with more than 1,000 individually cut and applied pieces of joss paper, which she further enhanced with gold and silver oil pastel.
An imaginative and eye-catching wall treatment using pieces of gold joss paper brings individuality and Asian elegance to this unique powder room.
They burn incense and joss paper,'Hell' bank notes and paper houses.
Contract awarded for Supply and Delivery of Joss Paper Burners
It is that time of the year when believers are busy appeasing the hungry spirits who they believe are let out by the 'Gates of Hell', through ritual food offerings, burning of joss paper, and stage shows.
Found in Tai Pos' Lam Tsuen Village, these auspicious trees can make your dreams come true once you toss joss papers into their branches.