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n.1.Jollity; merriment.
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Le conseil proposera a cette assemblee que le droit de jouissance des actions nouvelles gratuites soit fixe au 1er janvier 2017.
Selon la note d'information relative a cette operation,a chaque fois que Jet Contractors manifestera un besoin de tresorerie, CDG Capital procedera a l'ouverture de la periode de souscription au moins 3 jours ouvres avant la date de jouissance.
Un decret executif fixant le modele de declaration sur l'honneur attestant de la jouissance de la nationalite algerienne exclusive, relatif a l'acces aux hautes fonctions de l'Etat et aux fonctions politiques et militaires, a ete publie dans le dernier numero du Journal officiel.
This serious game will concern the life of a building (disturbance of jouissance, relation with the guards, economy of the resources, etc.
In other words, sex is neither simply the anatomy nor the identifications that are said to be proper to men and women, but it mainly appeals to a crucial Lacanian concept: jouissance and its two modalities in relation to the master signifier of the unconscious, this is to say, the phallus (4).
t]he masochist is in need of separation, and his solution is to orchestrate a scenario whereby it is his partner, acting as Other, who lays down the law--the law that requires him to give up a certain jouissance.
Another point is that jouissance has different conditions that are related to three orders of Real, Symbolic, and Imaginary.
The relation between the imaginary (I) and the real (R) world invokes JC = the Other One's Jouissance.
The author of this paper has woven an interesting story but to understand Lacan and his approach to psychoanalysis it is essential to comprehend the terminology symbolic order, imaginary order, mirror stage (stade du miroir), desire for mother (M/ other), Jouissance and in the name of the father' (au nom du pAre), an objet petit a and the hidden meaning behind these.
It is both joyous and horrific, containing jouissance and abjection.
I want to begin with an exploration of the question of pleasure, and more particularly, what we might call jouissance or bliss.
What Zizek shares with his feminist counterparts is a certain appeal to, or concern with feminine jouissance (enjoyment), as a site of contestation, as an alternative economy of enjoyment--one that stands in opposition to masculine phallic enjoyment.