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v. t.1.See Jowl.
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Annika Joul and Jane Wilkinson sample a couple of the chilli dishes on offer.
The army's support to Egypt during the tripartiteaggression in 1956 was also screened, as martyr Joul Jammal bombed the French Jeanne d'Arcbattleship near the Alexandria shores.
Contract notice: This notice of contract is the application phase conducted in the context of a restricted tender procedure for the production, assembly and testing of a charged particle spectrometer for the laser mega joul (lmj) on the site of the cea / cesta dam (33).
Seconds before the break the Hoops created one last opportunity themselves, Joul Higgins sending a deep ball into the area where Tom Smith leaped expertly but nodded the ball wide of the post.
In the 38th minute, Joul had another chance to double the lead when he managed to reach for a ball from the deep.
aastal ilmunud "Eesti keeles tarvitusel olevate voorakeelsete sonade sonastikus" on selgitatud perpetuum mobile't masinana, "mis iseenda joul lopmata aega tootaks".
Father Joul Boutros, representing the Syriac Catholic sect, admitted his own lack of knowledge of different religions.
The SEM images were obtained using a JOUL JSM-7500F field emission-SEM (FE-SEM).
However, the floodgates opened after the interval with Leon MacDonald, Adam Wykes (twice), Adam Cunnington and Joul Potter all getting on the scoresheet.
Steve Joul, President and Owner of Mayville Townhomes.