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(Biography) Benjamin. 1817–93, British classical scholar and educator: translated the works of Plato


(ˈdʒaʊ ɪt)

Benjamin, 1817–93, British scholar of Greek.
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Noun1.Jowett - English classical scholar noted for his translations of Plato and Aristotle (1817-1893)
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The Percy Hedley Foundation has announced that Jonathan Jowett, company secretary and general counsel at Greggs, will replace outgoing chair Nick Swales.
Ollie Jowett received the devastating news last month that he has a Grade II growth on his right frontal lobe.
Sam Jowett, of Warneford Road, pleaded guilty to breaching his non-molestation order when he appeared at Kirklees Magistrates' Court.
Helen Jowett, of RSPB Conwy, said: "RSPB Conwy was once a muddy moonscape when it was first established in the 1990s but has since developed into an important landmark for the local community.
I have a medal from that game inscribed to A Jowett.
ANDREW Jowett, the man at the helm of Birmingham's Town Hall and Symphony Hall, is stepping down after a marathon 28 years at the forefront of the city's arts.
Mr Jowett asked: "You knew that what were being alleged you were very serious, didn't you?
Christian Jowett, prosecuting, asked: "You knew that what were being alleged you were very serious, didn't you?
Coach-athlete relationship is a key element influencing athlete's motivation and has significance outcomes, and it is not surprising that many authors like Jowett & Meek [1] emphasized on coach-athlete relationship importance and educed athlete's decisive decision quality and motivation and progress in workouts as vital factors.
Many researchers have been interested in interpersonal relationships in the sport context and have focused on the effect of these relationships on athletic performance (Amorose & Horn, 2000; Jowett & Cockerill, 2003; Jowett & Ntoumanis, 2004).
Benjamin Jowett wrote in his contribution to Essays and Reviews (1860) about the proper way to interpret the Scriptures.
Jowett (2005) supported this view in arguing that "The coach-athlete relationship is not an add-on to, or by-product of, the coaching process .