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(Biography) Benjamin. 1817–93, British classical scholar and educator: translated the works of Plato


(ˈdʒaʊ ɪt)

Benjamin, 1817–93, British scholar of Greek.
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Noun1.Jowett - English classical scholar noted for his translations of Plato and Aristotle (1817-1893)
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A 1953 Jowett Jupiter was among the cars displayed in Coronation Street in the town.
ANDREW Jowett, the man at the helm of Birmingham's Town Hall and Symphony Hall, is stepping down after a marathon 28 years at the forefront of the city's arts.
Mr Jowett asked: "You knew that what were being alleged you were very serious, didn't you?
Christian Jowett, prosecuting, asked: "You knew that what were being alleged you were very serious, didn't you?
Coach-athlete relationship is a key element influencing athlete's motivation and has significance outcomes, and it is not surprising that many authors like Jowett & Meek [1] emphasized on coach-athlete relationship importance and educed athlete's decisive decision quality and motivation and progress in workouts as vital factors.
BROOKLANDS-based auctioneer Historics has set the bar high ahead of its late summer sale with a 1952 Jowett Jupiter owned for 13 years by Colchester United's all-time record goalscorer Martyn King up for grabs.
Benjamin Jowett wrote in his contribution to Essays and Reviews (1860) about the proper way to interpret the Scriptures.
Jowett (2005) supported this view in arguing that "The coach-athlete relationship is not an add-on to, or by-product of, the coaching process .
Australian Associated Press (AAP) said that a team led by Hastie Services chief executive Roger Jowett paid an undisclosed sum for Hastie Services Pty Ltd, Spectrum Fire and Security in Australia, and Cowley Services in New Zealand - together, they had previously formed the Hastie Services arm of the group.
The ongoing research program - carried out by a team of researchers from the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences and led by Dr Sophia Jowett, alongside national and international collaborators - emphasises that the coach-athlete relationship is not an 'add-on' or 'by-product' of sport, but the foundation of sport.
Military history author Jowett provides a history of the Chinese Nationalist Army, which had fought almost constantly between 1931 until 1949, first against the Japanese in World War II and later against the Chinese communists until ultimately defeated by the communists in 1949.
WITH Birmingham Symphony Hall celebrating its 21st birthday, chief executive Andrew Jowett revealed that it was not Simon Rattle and the CBSO who gave the first ever performance - but his children.