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 (jois), James Augustine Aloysius 1882-1941.
Irish writer whose literary innovations have had a profound influence on modern fiction. His works include Ulysses (1922) and Finnegans Wake (1939).

Joyc′e·an (joi′sē-ən) adj.


(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) of, relating to, or like James Joyce or his works
(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) a student or admirer of James Joyce or his works
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Join the Joycean Pub Crawl and traipse between some of the bars that shaped Joyce, his characters and his contemporaries, taking in some of Dublin's oldest and most iconic watering holes.
This key Joycean text is the focus for the rest of the book, arguing that 'Joyce's work reflects both scandal's appeal and its dangers, its transgressive powers and its tendency to turn savagely on those who yield it, the latter encoded in Joyce's oeuvre in backfiring plans, self-inflicted injuries and self-dug graves' (p.
In this revolutionary, Joycean experiment in light celebrity narrative, actor/personality/carbon-based life-form Neil Patrick Harris lets you, the reader, live his life.
The book, Dotter of Her Father's Eyes, with words by Mary and drawings by Bryan, wove together two father/daughter relationships, that of the writer James Joyce and his daughter Lucia and that of Mary and her own father, James S Atherton, an eminent Joycean scholar.
Graff presents his ideas with a properly Joycean sense of humor, and as a result, this study works.
How To Academy has enlisted an extraordinary roster of experts to teach the courses ranging from the leading Joycean scholar Colin MacCabe to the pioneer of Vertical Gardening Patrick Blanc.
This Joycean "commodius vicus of recirculation" forms the plot's engine.
However, Joycean scholar Terence Killeen added: "One would expect accuracy on an item like this.
Often employing a stream of consciousness discourse, Near to the Wild Heart has been described as Joycean, (the title is a quote from Joyce), but this designation has to do more with form than content.
It's Joycean but it's more Stein and Dadaistic with a crazy mobility of insight.
Bengali and Hindi) responded differently to Joycean aesthetics?
Described in sumptuous detail in OUlysses,O it has been preserved as it was in the authorOs time and on Bloomsday will feature interactive Joycean readings.