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 (jo͞o′bə, -bä)
The capital of South Sudan, in the southern part of the country on the White Nile River.


A group dance, probably of West African origin, characterized by complex rhythmic clapping and body movements and practiced on plantations in the southern United States during the 1700s and 1800s.

[Origin unknown.]


(Dancing) a lively African-American dance developed in the southern US
[C19: of Zulu origin]


1. (Placename) a river in NE Africa, rising in S central Ethiopia and flowing south across Somalia to the Indian Ocean: the chief river of Somalia. Length: about 1660 km (1030 miles)
2. (Placename) the capital of South Sudan, on the White Nile river. Pop: 250 000 (2006 est)


(ˈdʒu bə)

n., pl. -bas.
a lively dance developed by plantation slaves in the U.S.
[1825–35, Amer.; of obscure orig.]


(ˈdʒu bɑ)

a river in E Africa, flowing south from S Ethiopia through Somalia to the Indian Ocean. 1000 mi. (1609 km) long.
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Kenya calls on the US to strongly consider the proposal made to have a surge operation in Jubba Valley region, which was made almost three years ago, in order to root out al-Shabaab," he said.
Soon after the overtures from the Islamic State began, in September 2015, al-Shabaab arrested five of its own pro-Islamic State members in Jamame, a town in the Lower Jubba Region.
Around dusk we arrived in Buaale, a city on the Jubba River.
In 2011, Somaliland sent high-level delegation led by the President Ahmed Silanyo to Jubba, the capital of the South Sudan in the eve of the declaration of the independence remembering the human loss they paid to achieve their dear price "I got goose bumps our peer finally reborn free
Tenders are invited for construction of open multipurpose hall for stage at saheed jubba sahani central jail bhagalpur in the district of bhagalpur
As reported by African Business last year, Daallo's solution was to merge with local rival Jubba Airways under the ban- ner of the Africa Aero Alliance.
The court ruled on their cases and four of the men were executed publicly in Jamame District according to the Sharia this (Sunday) afternoon," said Mohamed Abu Abdalla, al-Shabab's governor for the Jubba region.
The statement added, "The leadership of the operations of the island forces carried out security operation in Jubba area, resulted in the bombing of 18 IEDs, clearing 2 houses, and found a workshop to make IEDs, containing 30 explosive devices ready to blow up.
The Iraqi forces have already advanced in Jubba and its surrounding villages.
The suicide bombers attacked a mosque in the Al Jubba area of Anbar where anti-militants fighters were resting, killing 10, after which clashes broke out that left a further 13 security personnel dead and 21 wounded.
The Jubba Administration has sent us some food through the businessmen.
The Rwandan airline currently flies to 13 destinations: Nairobi (Kenya), Entebbe (Uganda), Mombasa (Kenya), Bujumbura (Burundi), Dar es Salm and Kilimanjaro (Tanzania), Johannesburg (South Africa), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Lagos (Nigeria), Accra (Ghana), Jubba (South Sudan), Libreville (Gabon) and Brazzaville (Congo).