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abbreviation for
(Law) Doctor of Canon and Civil Law
[Latin Juris Utriusque Doctor]


1. Judges.
2. Judith (Apocrypha).


1. judge.
2. judgment.
3. judicial.
4. judiciary.
References in classic literature ?
Surely her words and looks are not to be interpreted against her, when she is not sufficiently mistress of herself to exert her natural jud gment -- when she shows the unreason able petulance of a child on a question which is not of the slightest importance.
Resultantly government of Pakistan placed JUD in watch lists.
He added that the UNSC passed a resolution against JuD after which the government of Pakistan kept it in the watchlist.
A single bench of the IHC comprising Justice Aamer Farooq issued the notices in a petition moved by Hafiz Saeed through Raja Rizwan Abbasi Advocate challenging the ordinance through which ban was imposed on the JuD as the United Nations has put the organisation on a watch-list.
According to the figures presented by Mirza before the Senate Committee, 148 properties of the two entities linked to JuD founder-chief and 26/11 mastermind Hafiz Saeed have been confiscated in nine out of 10 divisions in Punjab.
However, a review board comprising judges of the High Court denied an application of the government for further detention and house arrest of Jud chief as it failed to justify the detention before the board.
Authorities have begun seizing control of offices and financial assets of the charities - JuD and FIF, an official said.
The JuD chief walked free on November 24 after the Pakistan government decided against detaining him further in any other case.
The JuD chief carries a reward of $10 million announced by the U.
JuD sources said its transition to a political party was in part designed to stop cadres from joining the Islamic State (IS).
Farm worker Jud landed on his back across a small wall, cracking a concrete slab in half.
The JuD warned him that "no excuse would be accepted and action would be taken according to Sharia.