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abbreviation for
(Law) Doctor of Canon and Civil Law
[Latin Juris Utriusque Doctor]


1. Judges.
2. Judith (Apocrypha).


1. judge.
2. judgment.
3. judicial.
4. judiciary.
References in classic literature ?
Surely her words and looks are not to be interpreted against her, when she is not sufficiently mistress of herself to exert her natural jud gment -- when she shows the unreason able petulance of a child on a question which is not of the slightest importance.
The JuD chief slammed India and its Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying the extremism against minorities in India exposed the real designs of Modi and his government.
Jud Clements and Robby Rieke joined as senior director and director, respectively.
The JuD chief claimed that his organisation was not banned but only his adversaries were making such claims.
Jud said he was hurt since "years of groundbreaking work on estuarine lion fish are being completely and intentionally ignored.
Last month, Washington had added the LeT's affiliates including the JuD to its list of designated terror organisations and slapped sanctions against two Pakistan-based Lashkar leaders.
net, the film is produced by 'the General Cinema Institute' and is written by director Jud Saeed in cooperation with writers Abdel Latif Abedl Hamid and Ali Wajeeh.
The United States and India agreed on Sunday to step up cooperation to prevent the financing of extremist movements linked to Pakistan, including JuD and LeT.
The JUD can best be described as a successor of the LeT, which was created by the Pakistani ISI in the wake of the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan at the turn of the 1990s.
A deputy attorney general submitted a written reply from the ministry to Justice Umar Ata Bandial during the hearing in Lahore of a petition filed by the JuD head.