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or an·ti·sem·i·tism (ăn′tē-sĕm′ĭ-tĭz′əm, ăn′tī-)
1. Hostility toward or prejudice against Jews or Judaism.
2. Discrimination against Jews.
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Noun1.antisemitism - the intense dislike for and prejudice against Jewish peopleantisemitism - the intense dislike for and prejudice against Jewish people
racism - the prejudice that members of one race are intrinsically superior to members of other races
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We cannot credibly fight Islamophobia while making excuses for Judaeophobia.
Older religious Judaeophobia is said to have morphed into supposedly "more sophisticated" antisemitism at about this time.
Jason Rosenblatt shows gracefully how deep and sympathetic was John Selden's scholarship on rabbinic law, in strong contrast with the Judaeophobia of his English contemporaries.