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Literature, art, or ritual items associated with Judaism.

[From Latin Iūdaica, neuter pl. of Iūdaicus, Judaic; see Judaic.]


pl n
1. (Judaism) the literature, customs, culture, etc, of the Jews
2. (Judaism) books or artefacts of Jewish interest, esp as a collection
[Latin, literally: Jewish matters]


(dʒuˈdeɪ ɪ kə)

things pertaining to Jewish life and customs, esp. when of a historical, literary, or artistic nature, as books or ritual objects.
[1920–25; < Latin, n. use of neuter pl. of jūdaicus Judaic]


a collection of literary or historical materials relating to Judaism or the Jews.
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Noun1.Judaica - historical and literary materials relating to Judaism
aggregation, collection, accumulation, assemblage - several things grouped together or considered as a whole
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Gather up your old menorahs, kiddush cups and seder plates for the first Judaica Roadshow and Art Exhibit from 9 a.
This product came out of nowhere and became one of our top sellers," says Barry Greenberg, owner of Brochin's Judaica store in St.
I learned about Chinese Judaica because of a $25 billion IPO.
Highlighting Jewish visual culture, this issue of Ars Judaica focuses mainly on the mystical dimensions of Jewish visual creativity and on Jewish-Christian relations in the field of plastic arts.
Melting Pot Memories,'' by Judy Bart Kancigor, is available in many Judaica shops, at Cook's Library in Los Angeles and at selected Sur La Table stores.
Christie's is the world's most potent marketplace for buying and selling art, offering close to 1,000 sales annually in over 80 categories, including all areas of fine and decorative arts, jewelry, photographs, Judaica, collectibles, wine, motor cars and more.
On Monday, Salmon Salczer, the manager of West Side Judaica & Bookstore located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, saw a man in front of his store who was looking inside through the glass.
In her preface editor Spector mentions her two previous collections of essays pertaining to the intersection of Romanticism and Judaica.
In addition to their musical inspiration, the musicians will distribute Judaica and mementos from the United States.
The category of Judaica broadsides in particular includes an astonishing variety of texts prepared for public or semi-public display: communally promulgated regulations; rabbinic responsa; wall calendars; commercial advertisements; poems and riddles in celebration of weddings and public events; dirges; eulogies; educational charts; fundraising circulars; reports of current events; amulets; announcements; prayers both for daily recitation and for special occasionssome celebratory, others tragicoften with vernacular instructions; and so much more.
Since then she has become one of the nation's prominent publishers of Judaica cards.
Departments include American Furniture & Decorative Arts, Paintings & Prints, English & Continental Furniture & Decorations, Fine Ceramics, Jewelry, Couture, 20th Century Furniture & Decorative Arts, Fine Musical Instruments, Asian Art, Fine Judaica, Toys, Dolls & Collectibles, Science & Technology, Oriental Rugs & Carpets, American Indian & Ethnographic Art, and Discovery.