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Instead, Perelis seems compelled by the stale idea, first formulated in the mid-twentieth century, that the conversos most deserving of our scrutiny were judaizers.
Although, Jesus' resurrection was not directly seen to have been predicted in the Old Testament and in the Intertestamental Literature as a background to the New Testament understanding of resurrection, it was seen that the idea of resurrection was not alien to the Hebrews or Judaizers.
One of the most striking examples is perhaps the conflict between Judaizers and Universalists, when the Roman centurion, Cornelius, was converted.
By the prominent "emoi de" of Galatians 6: 14, Paul stands in contrast to the Judaizers (Galatians 6: 13), regardless of the reason of pride, trying to attract the attention of Galatians to his behavior towards the Cross (Tolmie 2005: 223).
He mentioned John Chrysostom's Homilies against the Judaizers as an example of supersessionism and added, "More recently, a number of Orthodox Saints have taken a strong stand against antisemitism, supersessionism etc.
And in the Syrian civil war today, the opposition forces call Basilar al-Assad a Jew, and he in turn calls the al-Qaeda troops fighting against him Judaizers and Zionists.
As Cohen explains, Esther gains heightened veneration, because of the judaizers reaction to the Catholic environment, where the Virgin Mary was of principal importance (97).
After discussing various views and by "Mirror-Reading," Longenecker draws the conclusion that they were both, however, with a strong tie to the Jerusalem church, without being Judaizers.
10) Three well-documented explanations of the stimulus for Prosvetitel' follow: "eschatological uncertainty around the 'year 7000' (September 1491-August 1492), the 'heresy of the Judaizers,' and Ivan III as a possible 'unorthodox ruler of Holy Rus''" (135).
While some were indeed secret Judaizers and others sincere converts, most fell somewhere in the middle.
On the other hand, Paul lamented Peter's betrayal of the truth of the gospel by yielding to the pressure of the Judaizers who insisted that Hellenists should follow the eating practices of Jews (Gal 2:13-16; see Acts 10:10-35).
The Inquisition persecuted as Judaizers the family of Luis de Carvajal, a New Christian descendant who received a 1579 land charter, but records are unreliable and politically tainted.