Judgment of God

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a term formerly applied to extraordinary trials of secret crimes, as by arms and single combat, by ordeal, etc.; it being imagined that God would work miracles to vindicate innocence. See under Ordeal.

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The judgment of God is on me," answered the conscience-stricken priest.
Now," continued Villefort, "those to whom the guilt really belongs, by whom the crime was committed, on whose heads the justice of man may probably descend here, and the certain judgment of God hereafter, would rejoice in the opportunity thus afforded of bestowing such a peace-offering as Valentine on the son of him whose life they so ruthlessly destroyed.
The people's judgment, which is higher than all but the judgment of God, has issued a death sentence to the Communist Party of Ukraine.
After killing around 3,000 people in Drogheda, he said: "I am persuaded that this is a righteous judgment of God upon these barbarous wretches, who have imbrued their hands in so much innocent blood and it will tend to prevent the effusion of blood for the future, which are satisfactory grounds for such actions.
David Hesselgrave's paper continues the discussion on praxis, with a brief review of contextualized preaching about the wrath and judgment of God.
He blamed his guilty verdict on those with "hatred for my church" - before ranting about Nazis, Jews and the judgment of God.
For atonement, he must take heroic, but drastic action to avert the very judgment of God and his faith is tested to the limits of the human will.
Believing that we made these promises under the authority and judgment of God, we made a great moral and legal commitment to welcome the national cultures and identities of each other.
Brown obviously rejects connecting the death of Jesus with the judgment of God on human sin.
27) Mise-en-scene thus incorporates itself out of the degraded remains cast off by competing modernist arts, in much the same way that the shockingly impure bodies (including social bodies) in Artaud's writings, from Heliogabalus (1934) to To Have Done with the Judgment of God (1947), are frequently constituted by the excrescences (pus, sperm, urine, feces) a "proper" body dispels.
As troubling as we found his focus on the end times and the judgment of God, we had to admit that it had biblical warrant as well as confessional support.
Mr Camping said: "We can be sure that the whole world, with the exception of those who are presently saved (the elect), are under the judgment of God, and will be annihilated together with the whole physical world on October 21, 2011.