Judy Garland

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Noun1.Judy Garland - United States singer and film actress (1922-1969)Judy Garland - United States singer and film actress (1922-1969)
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1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Judy Garland is one of America's cherished show business icons, an international superstar who went from singing her way into our hearts as a child star in The Wizard of Oz crooning "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" to winning a juvenile Academy Award, a Golden Globe, a special Tony and numerous GRAMMYs during the course of her more than 40 years as a performer up until her death at the age of 47 in June, 1969.
A DRESS worn by Judy Garland as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz has sold for more than PS1m at auction.
IT was with a little trepidation that I greeted Judy Garland's daughter Lorna Luft when she popped in for a drink at Ma Egerton's last week, after performing the Judy Garland Songbook at the Liverpool Empire.
95 service charge (exemptions apply) The Songbook of Judy Garland ANOTHER must-see show at the New Theatre this June is The Songbook Of Judy Garland, now touring the UK following it's opening in Edinburgh last month.
JUDY Garland once belted out Over the Rainbow in her underwear from her hotel balcony to a group of hooting dockers, a book claims.
The star of Judy - The Songbook Of Judy Garland - however, is, her mother and Lorna is delighted to see the impact Judy has on a new generation.
RAY Quinn singer-songwriter, actor and winner of hit TV shows Dancing On Ice, Dancing on Ice - All Stars, is joining the UK tour JUDY - The Songbook Of Judy Garland.
By the 1940s, the Parade became so popular that over a million people attended, then in 1948 a film based on the event, Easter Parade, was released, starring Judy Garland.
Judy Garland on Judy Garland: Interviews and Encounters is an anthology of interviews with the legendary singer and actress (especially well-known for her pivotal role in "The Wizard of Oz"), as well as the firsthand testimonies of people who encountered her between 1935 and 1969.
Judy Garland on Judy Garland: Interviews and Encounters takes the actress' abandoned autobiography and fills in the blanks, collecting the Garland interviews that occurred between 1935 and 1969 and using Judy's own voice to narrate her story.
ty n He starred in silent comedies, Shakespeare, Judy Garland musicals, television and Broadway theatre.
Judy Garland sang Over The Rainbow and her way into movie history when she starred as the Kansas youngster swept away by a tornado to the magical world of Oz in the1939 MGM movie.