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A style of architecture and decorative art similar to art nouveau, popular in German-speaking areas of Europe during the late 1800s and early 1900s.

[German : Jugend, youth + Stil, style.]


(Art Movements) another name for Art Nouveau
[from Jugend literally: youth, name of illustrated periodical that first appeared in 1896, + Stil style]
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Video showed the Iuventa, which is run by Jugend Rettet, arriving at the island of Lampedusa surrounded by several coastguard vessels after it was stopped at sea before dawn.
The German charity Jugend Rettet said on Tuesday it had had a run-in with armed men on a boat purportedly commandeered by the Libyan coastguard.
History repeated itself in the final as Jungend Hilft Jugend provided the opposition but this time the Blues ran out 3-1 winners.
LTTE and Hitler Jugend child recruitment a war crime
In Nazi Germany, the Hitler Jugend program began at age 14, although there was a junior arm for boys as young as 10.
Colnebridge-based Mamas & Papas used the Kind & Jugend trade fair in Cologne, Germany, to launch its latest products and finalise a string of export deals.
As a 12-year-old, Josef Ratzinger was a member of the Hitler Jugend, whose activities were similar to those of British 12-year-old scouts.
When Hitler declared himself Chancellor of Germany, everything in the nation changed--life for Jews went from bad to worse, as Jugend (Hitler Youth) harassed and bullied Jewish children, and Jews were stripped of their rights as citizens and human beings.
This splendidly efficient and eminently readable Karlsruhe dissertation (2000) deals with Wolfgang Koeppen's later works starting with Jugend (1976) and repeatedly points out that Koeppen, stereotyped as 'der grosse Schweiger' after his impressive trilogy of the 1950s, did in fact produce a considerable body of work, albeit largely characterized by deliberately fragmentary form and content.
Kindheit und Jugend can be categorized as historical Landeskunde because it is local and regional in scope.
Wo hast du den jugend projekt versteckt Craig Two pints of heavy and a pie supper please Zwei bier und ein tortelett und pommes bitte Who's the mason in the black?
With its stock price in the toilet, the company has offloaded its 40% stake in East German distrib Progress and folded its Jugend Film theatrical label into its core distribution entity Kinowelt Filmverleih.