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n.1.(Zool.) An East Indian falcon. See Lugger.
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Heavy metal and other residues in feathers of Laggar Falcon Falco biarmicus jugger and the use of this species as a bioindicator of environmental pollution in Pakistan.
And this Muller can send you to a planet called Jugger.
According to Jugger (2008) brand purchases are being made or broken in the "final five seconds" If a brand is not adequately supported with media advertising, packaging must play a greater role in the brand's marketing.
I had strong opinions against the first two in the market, Irish Jugger and Supersticion in Southwell's opener.
Salute of the Jugger AKA The Blood Of The Heroes, AKA Whatever Happened To Rutger Hauer's Career.
And if the Reds are going to clinch a sixth European crown this season the chances are they will have to halt at least one of the Spanish jugger nauts.
The Disney jugger naut stopped at the Empire, just nine months after its last visit, to feed the stillinsatiable appetite that tweens have for everything HSM-flavoured.
A" (based on Westlake's novel "The Jugger," written under his pseudonym Richard Stark).
1966), a film based on another Serie Noire novel, Rien dans le Coffre, a translation of Richard Stark's The Jugger.
Jugger Not has the gearbox of a cement mixer, parts of a Sierra, a VW Polo, a gritting lorry and a Leyland bus in it.
Irish Jugger returns in style Irish Jugger kicked off what his new connections will hope will be a productive winter when defying a 203-day absence under Darryll Holland in the 2m handicap.