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Noun1.Jugoslavian - a native or inhabitant of YugoslaviaJugoslavian - a native or inhabitant of Yugoslavia
Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Jugoslavija, Serbia and Montenegro, Union of Serbia and Montenegro, Yugoslavia - a mountainous republic in southeastern Europe bordering on the Adriatic Sea; formed from two of the six republics that made up Yugoslavia until 1992; Serbia and Montenegro were known as the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia until 2003 when they adopted the name of the Union of Serbia and Montenegro
European - a native or inhabitant of Europe
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PL-EL 'We then read and heard from the Jugoslavian women conference that you have founded a home economics chamber that consists of women only.
William Jurak and his Jugoslavian String Orchestra; South Sea Serenaders, Hawaiian ensemble; Myrt and Flo Mollow, the Ozark Mountainers; Sally and Flo, the Prairie twins; Ed.