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(kɔrˈtɑ sɑr)

Julio, 1914–84, Argentine novelist.
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In 1975 Argentine writer Julio Cortazar returned home to Paris from Brussels, where he had been participating in a meeting of the Second Russell Tribunal, an international body charged with investigating humanrights abuses in Latin America.
Son destin a des airs de ressemblance avec l'Argentin Julio Cortazar, figure evoquee dans le meme endroit, il y a quelques mois.
By Valeria Roman/Buenos Aires Argentine writer Julio Cortazar once wrote: "Hope belongs to life, it is life defending itself.
Civilisation and authenticity; the search for cultural uniqueness in the narrative fiction of Alejo Carpentier and Julio Cortazar.
reflecting back to the Julio Cortazar piece featuring an embattled and tragic Ariadne.
With Gabriel Garcia Marquez of Colombia, Mario Vargas Llosa of Peru, and Julio Cortazar of Argentina, Fuentes pioneered the experimental Latin American literary movement known as "El Boom" in the 1960s and 1970s.
Live rugby union Sky Sports 3, 8pm "ONLY by living absurdly is it possible to break out of this infinite absurdity" said Argentinian novelist Julio Cortazar, and Saracens rugby director Brendan Venter appears to have adopted that mantra for his post-match interview last week, writes Michael Brear.
No dia 23 de maio de 1982, o escritor belga-argentino Julio Cortazar e sua mulher, a canadense Carol Dunlop, embarcaram em sua Kombi vermelha--que chamavam carinhosamente de Fafner, o Dragao--e pegaram o rumo da autopista Paris-Marselha.
3) Other letters to which King had access read as "a Who's Who of international culture in the early seventies, from Butor to Levi-Strauss, from Susan Sontag and John Cage to Julio Cortazar and Mario Vargas Llosa" (7).
Touching on subjects such as the theme of solitude and how journalism fictionalizes everyday reality, Comprone's final chapter is a speedy journey through an array of authors including Jorge Luis Borges, Julia de Burgos, Isabel Allende, Jorge Amada, and Julio Cortazar.
Em Valise de Cronopio, Julio Cortazar compara o romance com o cinema e o conto com a fotografia, observando que um filme e uma 'ordem aberta', enquanto uma fotografia tem uma limitacao previa.
Wronoski also owns the original handwritten manuscript of a famous short story by Julio Cortazar, "Casa tomada," which is on sale along with five other manuscripts for $220,000.