Jumada I

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Noun1.Jumada I - the fifth month of the Islamic calendar
Islamic calendar, Mohammedan calendar, Moslem calendar, Muhammadan calendar, Muslim calendar - the lunar calendar used by Muslims; dates from 622 AD (the year of the Hegira); the beginning of the Muslim year retrogresses through the solar year completing the cycle every 32 years
Islamic calendar month - any lunar month in the Muslim calendar
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Cairo, Jumada I 29, 1435, March 30, 2014, SPA -- Sudanese Foreign Minister Ali Karti arrived here today on a several-hour visit to Egypt.
Riyadh, Jumada I 28, 1435, Mar 29, 2014, SPA -- Many Saudi senior officials extended congratulations to Prince Muqrin bin Abdulaziz Al Saud on his appointment as deputy crown prince.
Riyadh, Jumada I 14, 1435, Mar 15, 2014, SPA -- Princess Astrid, the representative of King Philip of Belgium, arrived in Riyadh today.