jump down

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w>jump down

viherunterhüpfen or -springen (from von); to jump down somebody’s throatjdn anfahren, jdm dazwischenfahren (inf); jump down!spring or hüpf (runter)!
References in classic literature ?
When he 'took the sun, and with the help of "The Old Farmer's" almanac found the latitude, Harvey would jump down into the cabin and scratch the reckoning and date with a nail on the rust of the stove-pipe.
Dance told me to jump down and knock, and Dogger gave me a stirrup to descend by.
How often did Boxtel, in the midst of tortures which no pen is able fully to describe, -- how often did he feel an inclination to jump down into the garden during the night, to destroy the plants, to tear the bulbs with his teeth, and to sacrifice to his wrath the owner himself, if he should venture to stand up for the defence of his tulips!
The Scarecrow lay flat upon the ground and called to the man to jump down upon his body, which was soft because it was stuffed with straw.
Tell him, when he theeth that gig clothe by, to jump down, and it'll take him off at a rattling pathe.
If they want to jump down, now, and get into trouble, who objects?
He mounted another step threateningly as if it were his energetic intention to jump down and deal with her; but as she came toward him he evidently thought better of it and stood on the top step of his ladder shaking his fist down at her.
And now that you have all you want, and that we understand each other, jump down from the tilbury and disappear.
But Friday put us out of doubt quickly: for seeing the bear cling fast to the bough, and that he would not be persuaded to come any farther, "Well, well," says Friday, "you no come farther, me go; you no come to me, me come to you;" and upon this he went out to the smaller end, where it would bend with his weight, and gently let himself down by it, sliding down the bough till he came near enough to jump down on his feet, and away he ran to his gun, took it up, and stood still.
There was no need for you to jump down there that way.
Now, sir," says he to Tom, "you just jump down, and I'll give you a drop of something to keep the cold out.
She said to me, 'I jump down, I jump down from my place on the snow,'" cried Kotuko, with hollow eyes, leaning forward in the half-lighted hut.