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June 19, an African-American holiday commemorating the date in 1865 when many slaves in Texas learned they had been freed by the Emancipation Proclamation (January 1, 1863).


an annual celebration in the United States on June 19 to mark the emancipation of slaves after the American Civil War


June 19, celebrated by African-Americans as the anniversary of the emancipation of slaves in Texas on June 19, 1865.
[1935–40; b. june + nineteenth]
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Texas lawmakers approved a bill to establish a Juneteenth monument in 1999.
uk/walker 2 JUNETEETH Crafts, Sat & Sun, 1-4pm GRAB the glue and get ready for some fun as you learn about the importance of the African American holiday Juneteenth in this familyfriendly activity.
Postscript: Juneteenth (June 19, 2015) Sims will release the music project, The AfroDixie Remixes, a collection of the Confederate theme song in 13 different forms of Black music.
With so many celebratory activities peaking around the 150th anniversaries of major American events: Juneteenth, the end of the Civil War and the 13th amendment, Patricia Parks, Library Community Services Manager at Richmond Public Library Headquarters thought it was appropriate that the library support the creative effort to “reflect on the past, the present and what African Americans of today would hope for the future in their own words, with their own voices, through their own eyes.
WORCESTER -- One thing became clear at the city's African-American Juneteenth Festival Saturday: It's never too warm outside for Jamaican jerk.
We had several other objectives that included: (1) designing and preparing for a founding convention to be held in Chicago, Juneteenth weekend 1998, (2) holding continuations committee meetings around the country to build momentum, (3) writing a Black Freedom Agenda as the central vision of the black radicals.
Juneteenth celebrates the end of slavery, commemorating June 19, 1865 when the union soldiers, led by General Granger came to Galveston Texas and announced that the war was over and the slaves were free.
Topics discussed include the Lincoln-Obama nexus, Juneteenth and emancipation narratives, the politics of Confederate battle flags, and African American artists and representations of the war in the post-soul era.
It is a sort of an alternative Independence Day as 39 states now formally observe Juneteenth as the end of slavery in America.
29 Juneteenth Alaska Alcan Highway Jazz and Arts Festival
Nonviolence training, workshops, a concert, and potluck dinners were some of the Juneteenth activities, leading up to acts of civil disobedience in which four persons were arrested for refusal to leave a walkway in front of the plant.
His own band gained its rep at the Baltimore Blues Festival, Houston's Juneteenth Festival and the New Orleans Jazz Heritage Festival, a news release says.