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Having the stately bearing and imposing beauty of the goddess Juno.


(Classical Myth & Legend) having stately bearing and regal beauty like the goddess Juno


(ˌdʒu noʊˈɛsk)

(of a woman) stately.
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Adj.1.Junoesque - suggestive of a statue
shapely - having a well-proportioned and pleasing shape; "a slim waist and shapely legs"


[ˌdʒuːnəʊˈesk] ADJ [figure] → imponente, majestuoso; [woman] → de belleza majestuosa
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She seldom ran--it did not suit her style, she thought, for being tall, the stately and Junoesque was more appropriate than the sportive or piquante.
You can be loverboy," said one Junoesque actress in tones that no man could refuse.
Above and beyond the Junoesque visuals and music employed regularly throughout the series at program openings and commercial breaks, these Junoesque elements also enter into the narrative when a girl comes to terms with a major decision or dilemma, thus producing a kind of mellowing effect.
Diminutive pure-voiced soprano Elizabeth Watts was excellent in the trouser-role of Tigrane and was aware of the comic potentialities of her wooing Polissena, played by Junoesque Brenda Rae - regal in manner and voice - who towered over her.
Three ladies whose appearance is totally different: One is a European petite blond, another is a tall beautiful African-American, the third is a Junoesque Caribbean type.
Hizbullah: the party of god hour related to Horae iris of the eye, the flower, iridescent, and iridium from the goddess of rainbow January jovial June and junoesque March and martial Mercury (both element and car) and mercurial from Mercurius money and mint derive from.
With a host of players shipped out, and Alen Boksic only a sporadic presence, Boro were light up front so in February McClaren brought in the Italian with Junoesque footwork and frame from Bradford.