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A river of eastern Peru and northwest Brazil flowing about 1,930 km (1,200 mi) northeast to the Amazon River.


(Portuguese ʒuˈrua)
(Placename) a river in South America, rising in E central Peru and flowing northeast across NW Brazil to join the Amazon. Length: 1900 km (1200 miles)


(ˌʒʊər uˈɑ)

a river in E and W South America, flowing NE from E Peru through W Brazil to the Amazon. 1200 mi. (1930 km) long.
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The upper Ucayali River sits in a broad valley bounded to the west by the Cerros del Sira and to the east by hilly terrain extending to the upper Jurua River near the Brazil border.
They come mostly from Umm Jurua, Bela Frash, Kala and Birka Saira, according to a camps coordinator.
A Rasia: Desafios Presentes e Futuros (Curitiba, Brazil: Jurua, 2010), pp.
Among their topics are the use of ayahuasca among rubber tappers of the Alto Jurua, Santo Daime in the context of the new religious consciousness, healing in the Barquinha religion, an approach to the religious experience of participants of the Uniao de Vegetal, and the treatment and handling of substance dependence with ayahuasca.
The executive offices of DASA are located at Avenida Jurua, 434, Alphaville, Barueri, Sao Paulo, Brazil, and its telephone number is +55 11 4197-5500.
In that work, Couto e Silva's dramatic prose style at times seems imitative of Euclides da Cunha in Os Sertoes, for example when he contrasts Brazil's bloco metropolitano (metropolitan block) with an Amazonia that remains beyond NTC: "In the far-reaching arc of the Northwest, from Corumba--or perhaps a bit south of that city--to the distant province of Amapa, through the territories of Guapore [Rondonia] and Acre, all of western Amazonia of the Jurua river, the Javari, the Japura e the Uaupes, Rio Branco and the Guyanian province, we find semideserted 'marches,' still unstable, almost totally abandoned, open to penetration by groups without a defined flag and to invasion by outlaw nomads.
A comparison of the phytosociology and dynamics of three floodplain (varzea) forests of known ages, Rio Jurua Brazilian Amazon.
Around the middle of 1848 they sailed to the village of Teffe, and by the beginning of 1849 they reached Jurua.
Marechal Thaumaturgo, basin of Rio Jurua, Rio Arara (tributary of Rio Jurua), 25 m, 9[degrees]4'13"S, 72[degrees]46'40"W, 6 May 2001, D.
In April and May 2001, two more Amazon lumber companies received certification: Jurua Madeiras, a medium-sized firm, and large producer Cikel Brasil Verde, in Para state.
Teixeira was still exploring and lent Acuna the opportunity to identify major tributaries, many with the same names used today: the Putumayo; the Jutai; and then the Jurua, which he wrongly thought came out of Cuzco.