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Adv.1.just in time - at the last possible moment; "she was saved in the nick of time"
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The scope of services include in particular: - Preparation of mono-block sleepers according to the technical specifications of the Basel transporting enterprises - Storage of the mono-block sleepers with the contractor to just-in-time delivery - Just-in-time deliveries of monoblock sleepers to the client (including Unloading) No
With implementation of just-in-time delivery processes, it also has reduced medical inventories in department supply depots from an average of 380 days to seven, with corresponding inventory reductions at military treatment facilities.
Unisys also will provide engineering and implementation support services, including technical planning, technology assessment services, architectural assessment, systems design and implementation, just-in-time delivery and staging and configuration services.
But crammed dock space in stockpiling raw material in the months leading up to winter freeze-up meant seriously looking at just-in-time delivery by rail.
But they are just two parts of the equation that helps us achieve the one-piece flow manufacturing and just-in-time delivery that are critical to our success.
And now that the products can pass through Brazil without paying duties or going through customs, the cargo arrives in Buenos Aires in just a little under a month, which is much more like a just-in-time delivery.
Brink's Armored Car Service proved a letter-perfect practitioner of just-in-time delivery, dropping off 44 kilos of gold to a rogue-computer programmer who disappeared without a trace.
The firm also offers a range of technical services, including material selection and development, molding assistance, mold and part design assistance, agency approval, secondary operations selection, custom packaging, just-in-time delivery and closed loop recycling.
Winn installed CIM for two reasons--to speed just-in-time delivery of stock and custom bottles and to tighten statistical process and quality control (SPC/SQC) for part qualification in an increasingly competitive cosmetic-bottle market.
Praxair also supports the Taiwan region with an operations center located near the Tainan Science Park, which offers technical support as well as just-in-time delivery of such products as silane, ammonia, phosphine, arsine, and nitrogen trifluoride.