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(Zoology) a type of woodpecker. Also called: wryneck
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Noun1.Jynx - wrynecks
bird genus - a genus of birds
family Picidae, Picidae - woodpeckers
wryneck - Old World woodpecker with a peculiar habit of twisting the neck
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Six month-old brothers Styx and Jynx, and sister, Majik, have arrived from South Staffordshire College's Rodbaston campus and are already proving to be firm favourites with education staff.
However, she doesn't like being picked up so we require an understanding home to give Jynx time to become more confident.
A bipedal, humanoid Pokemon Jynx is also said to appear frequently at the Seonjeongneung Royal Tombs.
Pokemon: Mr Mime, Jynx, Eevee, Starmie and even the odd Vaporeon - with all the lures on all day, you'll have no problem catching something high-level.