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n.1.A brand of photographic transparency bearing a positive color image.
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The subject of the work is to reduce NOx emissions from boilers K14, K15, K16, K17, K18, K19 SNCR method using ammonia water.
Tenders are invited for Pressure Switch 230V-5A With Specification As Hed 8 Oa -2X/100 K14 Make:Rexroth Germany
In the K14 project area, approximately one tonne of drill core was collected from diamondiferous kimberlite BH225 discovered February 1999, and will be processed at Ashton's dense media separation plant.
Kimberlite K11, K92 and K10 are in a cluster centered approximately 30 kilometres east of K14.
For the petrol option Maruti has again gone for fuel efficiency and local content with the K14 VVT engine that is virtually the same as on the Ertiga albeit with some improvements on efficiency and NVH.
The model is available with a choice of a next generation K14 VVT petrol engine and refined DDiS200 diesel engine.
50th Anniversary Kennedy Half-Dollar Uncirculated Coin Set ( product code K14 ) - $9.
They identified one protein, cytokeratin 14, or K14, that was present in almost all leader cells but was very rare in the noninvasive parts of the tumour.
K14, K18, and K23) was unaffected by ethanol exposure (Park and Lim 2005; Park and Miller 2003).
The WPE-stein cell line (NSCs) was isolated from the RWPE-1 line by single-cell dilution cloning and shows characteristics of urogenital system stem/progenitor cells, with anchorage-independent growth, nonadherent spheroid formation, high expres-sion of p63, K5, K14, ABCG2, and BMI, and low expression of 12, K18, AR, and PSA (Tokar et al.