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Variant of kunefe.
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durable pastries - biscuits, waffles, pretzels; Sugar and related products - crystal sugar, powdered sugar; Cocoa, chocolate and confectionery products - cocoa powder, chocolate, chocolate, halva, cakes, gingerbread; Pastries - croissants, snacks, cake, couscous, noodles, pasta, kadaif, pastry, puff pastry dough; Spices and seasonings - salt, baking soda, vanilla, cinnamon, cumin, black pepper, red pepper, mint, savory, bay leaf, bakpluver, dry garlic, vegeta, parsley, dry, celery, dill, citric acid, vinegar, mayonnaise, mustard ; Other products - broth, yeast, herbal tea; Drinks - juice, iced tea, nectar, boza and mineral wat
The buffet includes the classic cold and hot mezze, harira and lentil soup, tajines, slow roasted lamb Ouzi with oriental rice, Arabic mixed grill, couscous tfaya, biryani rice, a shawarma station and a delightful variety of traditional sweets such as Um Ali, kadaif, halwa, date pudding and a range of refreshing Ramadan beverages.
The kadaif dessert with double cream was the ultimate way to end the celebration.
The nests are mixed with nuts (almonds or pistachios), spices, sugar, butter and syrup and resemble baklava or kadaif pastries.
Knafeh, which can be bought in most Arab or Circassian bakeries in Israel, usually consists of one or two layers of thin and crunchy kadaif noodles, soft white cheese, sugar syrup, and ground pistachio nuts.
Foi entao que desatei a comer sem dar mole Kadaif, baklava e rocambole, Sentia ao redor umidos focinhos Engolia suspiros, biscoitinhos E crescia, inflava feito um zepelim Com brotoeja e diabete, mas docim No horizonte framboesa, limpida cordilheira Bem na mesa quadrada de confeiteira.
The specialties of the Macedonian cuisine offered in restaurants, such as gravce-tavce, turli-tava, diverse salads of fresh vegetables, pindzur, etc, as well as baklava, walnut muffin, tulumba, kadaif, and the specific local drink boza that you may taste at the parlor shops, are going to complete your sense of the local history, and especially of one long-lasting tradition.