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 (ē′kĕ-bä′nä, ĭk′ə-)
The Japanese art of formal flower arrangement with special regard shown to balance, harmony, and form.

[Japanese : ikeru, to arrange + hana, flower.]


(Crafts) the Japanese decorative art of flower arrangement


(ˌɪk əˈbɑ nə, ˈi keɪ-)

the Japanese art of arranging flowers.
[1900–05; < Japanese, =ike(y) to make live, causative of ik- live + -bana, comb. form of hana flower]


the Japanese art of flower arrangement, especially for the home.
See also: Flowers


A Japanese word used for the art of flower arranging.
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Besides these there are other dishes such as Corn Soup, Kabab Narejaki, Qatqab, Polani, Halim, Polow Zireh, Arzeh Polow, Reshteh Farangi Polow, along with different Khoreshts like Kangar, Bamiyeh, Kado Halva and Gojeh farangi Khoreshts.
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The condiment category has been quickly evolving over the years," says Wendy Kado, regional sales manager.
1) A white European man travels to a high school in Kado, a town in an unspecified African state that has just gained independence, and is charged with educating his newly liberated students on the joys of non-conformism and independent thought.