n.1.(Bot.) The Arabian name of two trees of the genus Balsamodendron, which yield a gum resin and a red aromatic wood.
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In addition, these households depended primarily on forest and uncultivated lands for vegetables and fruits (mainly barberry or Kafal, bayberry--Chutro, and raspberry), a small part of which was also sold or bartered with food.
Tenders are invited for piped water supply schemes from kafal dara(andheri jhora) to sinji bazar and sinji gairigaon under samalbong g.
A variety of kababs (grilled meat or poultry) such as kabab-e-mazandarani, seeka kabab, qaz kabab,(or duck kabab), tazeh kabab, heli kabab, kabab-e-mahi kafal (or a type of fish kabab) etc.
Balanskat, Blamire and Kafal (2007), Sahin and Thompson (2006) have employed that negligence of skills and reluctance of teachers to use ICTs are important factors that contribute to hold teachers back from integrating ICTs in teacher training programs.
He was the beloved husband of almost 53 years of Barbara (Bedlow) Matthews, the devoted father of Lynn Kafal and her husband, Abdul, of Whitinsville; Deborah Donovan and her husband, Daniel, of East Longmeadow; proud grandfather ("Pa") of Sami and Gibran Kafal, Jack Blanchard and Connor Donovan.
Steven Beaudrot, Milford; Story DuVall, Upton; Christopher Flodstrom, Milford; Sami Kafal, Northbridge; Samuel Maloney, Sutton; Elijah Nam, Grafton; Peter Pontzer, Mendon; Joshua Trottier, Uxbridge.