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(kəˈleɪ mi)

a city in the E Democratic Republic of the Congo, on Lake Tanganyika. 172,297. Formerly, Albertville.
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In the Tanganyika province, IOM is organizing the relocation of displaced people from collective centres to displacement sites in Kalemie, Tanganyikas provincial capital.
People fleeing for their lives near the provincial capital Kalemie share stories of horrific violence during attacks against their villages, including killings, abductions and rape," Mahecic said.
For two cities Fizi and Kalemie, schools and churches are being built thanks to support from Korean churches and other donators.
25% owner and operator of the Misisi Gold Project located in South Kivu, eastern DRC, approximately 350km south of Bukavu and 180km north of Kalemie.
In a separate exchange, further south in Northern Katanga, in Kalemie, a regional leader of the Kitawalist church, Kabanga Kamalondo, explained the significance of women in the history of the church as follows:
The accident took place Thursday night in the north of Katanga province, between the towns of Moba and Kalemie.
Inspirado por un impulso de <<zairizacion>>, incluso cambiaron tambien de denominacion algunas ciudades: Leopoldville se convirtio en Kinshasa, Stanleyville en Kisangani, Elisabethville en Lumbumbashi, Jadotville en Likasi, Albertville en Kalemie, etc.
Whole-lake chlorophyll-a data were specifically investigated near Uvira (3[degrees]23'18" S, 29[degrees]12'27" E) and Kalemie (5[degrees]55'91" S, 29[degrees]15'00" E) for this study.
Between 1998 and 2005, 41,225 acts of sexual assaults against women were reported in South Kivu, Maniema, Goma, and Kalemie (World Health Organization, 2005).
Towns slip by in a sometimes disjointed blur of postcolonial decay--Kabambarre, Kalemie, Kasongo, Kisangani--as Butcher downs antimalarial pills and hopes he has enough boiled water to get him through the next leg of the journey.
When Butcher left Kalemie on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, he was so frightened that he could neither stand nor speak properly.