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 (kä′lē-dä′sə) ad 375?-415?
Indian dramatist and lyric poet. His poetry represents the height of the kavya style, as exemplified by his epic poem Raghuvamsha and his lyric poem Meghaduta.


(Biography) ?5th century ad, Indian dramatist and poet, noted for his romantic verse drama Sakuntala


(ˌkɑ lɪˈdɑ sə)

fl. 5th century A.D., Indian playwright and poet.
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Tenders are invited for Improvements to drain at kalidasa main road and cross roads in ward no-156 srinagara
Resulta especialmente interesante apuntar el influjo del pensamiento hindu en el ultimo Juan Ramon, que empieza a dejarse ver en el autor a partir de 1915 debido a las traducciones de Tagore, para irse extendiendo de manera progresiva hacia otros autores como Krishnamurti, Kalidasa o Kabir.
More specifically, "How to Read World Literature" is accessible and enlightening in offering readers the tools to navigate works as varied as Homer, Sophocles, Kalidasa, Du Fu, Dante, Murasaki, Moliere, Kafka, Wole Soyinka, and Derek Walcott; is fully revised and expanded to reflect the changing face of the study of World Literature, especially in the English-speaking world; now includes more major authors featured in the undergraduate World Literature syllabus covered within a fuller critical context; and features an entirely new chapter on the relationship between World Literature and postcolonial literature.
Should they read Abhijnanasakuntalam written by Kalidasa, where the maiden Shakuntala ignored Durvasa's demands to be welcomed as a guest because she was daydreaming about her lover Dushyanta?
Adapting an episode from the Mahabharata, Kalidasa presents Sakuntala not merely as a personification of the forest grove in which she resides, but as a nurturing protective female who fosters harmonious human-nature relations.
Despite nearly two centuries of modern scholarship (in Indian and non-Indian languages) on the subject, one gets the impression that too many students--and scholars--of South Asian cultural history are only familiar with one or two of kavya's reputed masters (perhaps only Kalidasa, maybe Bana) and virtually in the dark as to why kavya has had (and continues to have) such a long run.
Another instance of such union is described in Raghuvamsa written by Sanskrit poet Kalidasa.
The poet Kalidasa wrote a lyrical play in the 4th century A.
Bharavi appears to have flourished in south India some time after the celebrated Kalidasa in the fourth to fifth centuries but earlier than the seventh century, she says.
Sin duda, nombres como Valmiki, Vyasa, Homero, Lao-Tse, Chuang-Tzu, Virgilio, Kalidasa, Dante, Cervantes, Shakespeare o Goethe, que se recuerdan por la obra que dejaron, han constituido modelos generacion tras generacion, y aunque a veces han sido sobreinterpretados e inclusive sobrevalorados, nadie duda de su significado no solo para la literatura, sino para la cultura universal.
Through studies of words like Malay lawang ('cloves'), whose reflexes are found in classical Indian sources like the Raghuvamsa of Kalidasa (ca.
Based on the life of the renowned Sanskrit poet and dramatist Kalidasa and his enduring love for his childhood sweetheart Mallika.