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 (kŭn′chən-jŭng′gə, -jo͝ong′-, kän′-)
A mountain, 8,586 m (28,169 ft) high, in the Himalaya Mountains on the India-Nepal border. It is the third-highest mountain in the world.


(Placename) a variant spelling of Kangchenjunga


(ˌkɑn tʃənˈdʒʊŋ gə)

a mountain in S Asia, between NE India and Nepal, in the E Himalayas: third highest in the world. 28,146 ft. (8579 m).
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Noun1.Kanchenjunga - a mountain the Himalayas on the border between Nepal and Tibet (28,208 feet high)Kanchenjunga - a mountain the Himalayas on the border between Nepal and Tibet (28,208 feet high)
Kingdom of Nepal, Nepal - a small landlocked Asian country high in the Himalayas between India and China
Sitsang, Thibet, Tibet, Xizang - an autonomous region of the Peoples Republic of China; located in the Himalayas
Himalaya, Himalaya Mountains, Himalayas - a mountain range extending 1500 miles on the border between India and Tibet; this range contains the world's highest mountain
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The documentaries screened include Ski for Freedom, Diving into the unknown, Chasing the breath, Alpine Wall, Inside the Indus and the Ice Hunter, Arze Pakistan, The last of the Wakhi Shepherdess, The Fall, Brass, Three Down, A Ramo Rowing, The Story of the Czar Called Peas, The Elements, A whistle Comes from Far Away, Cliff Walkers, Heimschnee, Dancing with Snow, Wisdom of the Mountain, Magnetic Mountains, Playing at Climbing, Oymok, Wonders, Kanchenjunga, Reaching the Crest and Escaping Times.
The varied ranges of tourist destinations include the mural-filled traditional monasteries of Tibetans, the Nathu La Mountain Pass; the highest mountain pass in India, and Kanchenjunga Mountain; the third highest mountain in the world.
Author and keen mountaineer Robin Ashcroft will recount one of the great stories of mountain exploration: the planning and 1955 ascent of the world's third highest mountain, Kanchenjunga in Nepal, by Joe Brown and George Band--who, at the ages of 24 and 26, respectively, were part of a British expedition led by Dr Charles Evans.
uk/steam-yacht-gondola Run for the hills Ransome's fictional Kanchenjunga is none other than Coniston Old Man.
We recently trekked to the Kanchenjunga Base Camp and saw how glaciers are formed and rivers get clean water.
True, in the past, both immediate and distant, the Nepalese administration was sluggish in its emergency response when climbers on Mount Everest or Kanchenjunga were hit by avalanche, freak monsoon flood swept away habitations and mountain landslide caused enormous hardship to population in central districts.
Ram Subramanian said: " We will be clearing the Kanchenjunga patch by Wednesday and after that will focus on removing snow from Badrinath to Mana Pass.
He will try to scale the three highest mountains Everest (8,848m), K2 (8,611m) and Kanchenjunga (8,586m) within a space of three months.
Growing up, I was exposed to stories of Chinese atrocities in Tibet and the death and destruction being wrought in my homeland, which, in my mind, was a mythical land that lay just over the Kanchenjunga range that towered over our town.
By far the most important spot is the Deolo hill from where the Kanchenjunga peak is visible on clear days.
According to Vikram, the brothers leave their ego at home before walking into their offices, which are on the same floor in the Kanchenjunga building on New Delhi's Barakhamba Road, and have lunch together as often as they can.