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Noun1.Immanuel Kant - influential German idealist philosopher (1724-1804)Immanuel Kant - influential German idealist philosopher (1724-1804)
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Fellow Creatures: Kantian Ethics and Our Duties to Animals.
The Interconnection between Willing and Believing for Kant's and Kantian Ethics, SAMUEL KAHN
The authors distinguish between what they call "act-based" versus "character-based" ethics, discussing in turn utilitarianism and Kantian ethics.
Carl Ficarrotta's Kantian Thinking about Military Ethics is a laudable book for readers seeking a refreshingly different perspective of Kantian ethics.
The third chapter in this section takes a broader view of this topic by discussing the place of virtue in Kant's moral theory and then considering "how Kant's ethics, or at least an expanded and supplemented Kantian ethics, might respond to certain criticisms and alternatives often associated with 'virtue ethics'" (130).
argues that discourse ethics, Kantian ethics, and consequential utilitarianism all suffer from this third-person characteristic and therefore lose the individual persons and their subjectivity, both of which are crucial to maintain the meaningfulness of any ethical structure.
One of Yoder's primary targets in this book is Kantian ethics (52, 61, 179).
Consequently, we studied IS students' application of five such theories (utilitarianism, Kantian ethics, virtue ethics, prima-facie principles, and Rawls' veil of ignorance).
This exaltation of Kant on behalf of the dead donor rule--whether by Shewmon or the council or both--manifests badly oversimplified Kantian ethics.
12) As Kantian ethics suggests that one should do one's duty and follow the voice of the State at all cost, to the extent of going beyond the pleasure principle, in "Kant avec Sade," Lacan makes the radical move to link Sade to Kantian ethics.
influence of Kantian ethics on liberal Judaism is Moritz Lazarus, The
In order to arrive at the ethical and political views of Christian personalism, one must add or smuggle in Kantian ethics.