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n.1.(Mus.) A chapel; hence, the choir or orchestra of a prince's chapel; now, a musical establishment, usually orchestral.
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Contract notice: cleaning and inspection sewerage 2018+ municipalities goes and kapelle
Jane Frances de Chantal Choir (North Hollywood), Vox Kapelle Choir (Artesia), and a children's choir combining members of GOD Faith Choir (Carson), IHMC Children's Choir (Los Angeles) and Precious Blood Children's Choir (Los Angeles).
Gossens BMB, Visseren FLJ, Kapelle LJ, ALgra A, van der Graaf Y.
Chapter fourteen compares the 1971 DEFA film about Die rote Kapelle with the 2003 documentary on the same topic.
Janis Betms (1831-1912), der Leiter des Lehrerseminars der kurlandischen Ritterschaft in Irmlau, grundete 1872 die erste lettische symphonische Kapelle.
TWO TOP 50 GERMAN WINES FOR UNDER PS6 THESE both come from the Co-op and the first, Kleine Kapelle Pinot Grigio 2015, right, (12.
fasciculus primus can serve to illustrate the contacts of Rudolf II's Kapelle with the spiritual and humanistic milieux of Prague.
He joined the Schwarze Kapelle, or Black Orchestra, an anti-Nazi group whose members worked for the German high command but secretly made contact with American intelligence to help end the war.
Born in Poland, Trepper had emigrated to Mandated Palestine and become a Communist, only to return to Brussels at the outbreak of war in order to run the outstanding Soviet spy network known as die Rote Kapelle.
This refers in particular to the new role that differentiated articulation and dynamics play in the fabric of musical composition, demonstrable especially in the works written for the Prussian court Kapelle by the musicians from the circle of Frederick II, but also noticeable in the keyboard works of J.
Mientras que algunos estudios centran su atencion en la respuesta de los organismos a las condicionantes ambientales de los bordes (Murcia 1995, Oosterhoon & Kapelle 2000, Ries et al.
The rally started at Kapelle Ufer am Hauptnahnhof, Berlin's central station, and then the protesters marched through central Berlin to the CDU party office.