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Noun1.Karaites - a Jewish sect that recognizes only the Hebrew Scriptures as the source of divinely inspired legislation and denies the authority of the postbiblical tradition of the Talmud; the sect arose in Iraq in the eighth century
religious order, religious sect, sect - a subdivision of a larger religious group
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They persecuted the Jews connected with the Talmud (which Karaites reject).
In the cultures of a wide spectrum of Turkic peoples ranging from the Altai, to Tatars and from Azeris to the Karaites and to the Gagauz, fire and water are necessary for physical and spiritual purification.
bar]r, for Rabbanite Jewry, and of Yefet hen 'Eli (tenth century) and Yeshu'ah ben Yehudah (middle of the eleventh century) for the Karaites.
In a rare misstep, Meining attempts somewhat to lessen von Mende's war guilt by suggesting that he at least acted to save the members of an obscure Crimean Jewish community known as the Karaites or "mountain Jews.
Both Karaites and Quranites emphasize the authority of their respective holy books, and denial of the authority of tradition is their most basic belief.
Russians in the Crimea have a larger population than Ukranians, Armenians, Germans and Karaites and there are also a sizeable number of Ukranian Jews.
These heretics are worse than Karaites or Samaritans, he wrote, and a fortiori, worse than gentiles among whom we reside who are not idolaters and commit no wrong.
They are divided between the so-called Rabbinate Jews in Cairo, who also follow the oral law, and the Karaites in Alexandria, who follow only what is written in the Torah [Five Books of Moses].
In other cases, a religious practice deviating from the surroundings may have helped to preserve an ethnic-linguistic distinction, as in the cases of the Catholic Sorbs and the Orthodox Setu, perhaps also the Karaites (see below).
Its very validity was at stake in the challenges mounted by the Karaites, who favored a literal interpretation of the Bible unmediated by Talmud, and by the Hasidim, who tried to convert Talmudic study from an intellectual to a spiritual exercise, "elevat[ing] the soul to a mystic state of union with God.
There are also minor errors such as confusing da-at (knowledge) with dat (religion) and describing Sadducees and Karaites as heretics (22-23).
1% Baptists (and other independent churches) (less than 1%) Seventh-Day Adventist Church (less than 1%) Buddhists (less than 1%) Society for Krishna Consciousness (less than 1%) Karaites 258 (less then 1%) Shri Sathya Say Baba movement 107 and others (less than 1%) Other confessions--0.