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 (kär′ə-yän′), Herbert von 1908-1989.
Austrian conductor. In 1955 he became conductor for life of the Berlin Philharmonic.


(German ˈkaːrajan)
(Biography) Herbert von (ˈhɛrbɛrt fɔn). 1908–89, Austrian conductor


(ˈkær ə yən, ˈkɑr əˌyɑn)

Herbert von, 1908–89, Austrian conductor.
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Legendary conductor Herbert von Karajan found the Filipino tenor good enough as substitute for tenor Luis Lima who backed out due to vocal indisposition.
Dumay was trained under maestro violinists Arthur Grumiaux and Nathan Milstein and his international career took off when he was invited as a soloist to appear on stage with world-class conductor Herbert von Karajan and the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra where Karajan was principal conductor.
None other than Herbert Von Karajan, then the world's most famous maestro.
Legendary conductor Herbert von Karajan was for many years its artistic director.
1908: Herbert von Karajan, one of the most prominent conductors of the post-war period, was born in Salzburg.
The orchestra's performance of Brahms' Fourth Symphony was simply majestic and could easily stand alongside famous interpretations by Toscanini, Herbert Von Karajan and even the great CarlosKleiber.
He studied in London and Paris before embarking on his orchestral career during which he held the coveted position of first flautist with the Berlin Philharmonic under Herbert von Karajan.
Von Karajan would go on to record the complete symphonies three more times, but it is this first version that has remained the most successful Beethoven cycle ever recorded.
He attended The Juilliard School, performed as a guest with top orchestras including the San Francisco Symphony and Berlin Philharmonic, and won the prestigious Herbert von Karajan conducting competition in 1979.
Fue la primera voz mexicana en ser considerada por el inolvidable Herbert von Karajan (mas tarde lo serian el baritono Roberto Banuelas y el tenor Francisco Araiza), quien la invito a hacer el endiabladamente dificil personaje de Erda de El oro del Rin, para arrancar la historica grabacion que el otro famoso salzburgues hizo de toda la tetralogia de El anillo del Nibelungo, de Richard Wagner.
United Classics, for example, has just released a remastered version of the classic 1954 recording conducted by Herbert von Karajan, pairing Elizabeth Schwarzkopf and Nan Merriman against Leopold Simo-neau and Rolando Panerai (Lisa Otto is Despina and Sesto Bruscantini is Don Alfonso).