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Noun1.Karakalpak - a member of a Turkic people living near Lake Aral in central Asia
Turki - any member of the peoples speaking a Turkic language
2.Karakalpak - the Turkic language spoken by the Karakalpak
Turkic, Turkic language, Turko-Tatar, Turki - a subfamily of Altaic languages
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As a sampling, there were Tatars, Uzbeks, Kazaks, Kirghiz, Karakalpaks, Uighurs, Altai, and Tajiks, all needing the presence of indigenous churches.
For 500 years the Karakalpaks have lived as nomads and fishermen along the Aral Sea, in what is now known as Karakalpakistan, a nominally autonomous republic of Uzbekistan.
Namangan is a conservative and rural area, made up entirely of Uzbeks, unlike the rest of the republic, which has a diverse mix of Russians, Tajiks, Kazaks, Tartars, Koreans and Karakalpaks.
In the states formed from the old Turkistan, the Turkish peoples - Turkmen, Kazakhs, Uzbeks, Kyrgyz, Karakalpaks, and Uighurs, descendants of the ancient Turks who for 10,000 years had lived as the Turks of Turkistan - were revived and designated by the Russians as "young nations.
Revival of the separatist idea in Karakalpakstan triggered by the situation in Ukraine can inflame similar beliefs not only among Karakalpaks (who are ethnically closer to Kazakhs than to Uzbeks), but also among the Samarkand Tajiks.
The letter also claimed over 2,000 minority Karakalpaks are languishing in Uzbek prisons for desiring "freedom and independence.
In the near future new hotels in Nukus and Turtkul district are planned, whereas Nukus Hotel in Karakalpak capital is to be reconstructed.
Immunological and hormonal criteria's of development of pre-natal malformation of the fetus at women of Karakalpak [Immunol ogicheskie i hormonalnie kriterii razvitiya vnutriutrobnih urodstv plod u jenshin Karakalpakstana], in Russian, Synopsis of doctoral dissertation, Moscow
The same form is attested for Kazakh (Bektaev 2001: 166), Karakalpak (Baskakov 1967: 903, entry sapogi) and Kumyk (Bammatov 1969: 379).
In February 2001, a trained technician, under supervision of the Karakalpak Veterinary Authority, collected samples from the same three towns (Nukus, Chimbay, and Kanlikul) in Karakalpakstan where toxicologic investigation of human breast milk and maternal and cord blood had recently been carried out (Ataniyazova et al.
The Center will hold program of opening the roundtable on "issues of preservation and development of Karakalpakstan's traditional crafts" and the practical seminar aimed at strengthening national capacities in the field of traditional Karakalpak crafts, transmission and preservation of traditional skills and knowledge to the next generation, according to organizers.