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 (kə-rē′lē-ə, -rēl′yə, -ryĕ′lē-yə)
A region of northwest Russia between the Gulf of Finland and the White Sea. Inhabited since ancient times by the Karelians, the area later came under Swedish domination and was annexed by Russia (1721). Incorporated as a semiautonomous republic of the USSR (1923), Karelia became a member of the Russian Federation after the collapse of the Soviet Union (1992).


(kəˈriːlɪə; Russian kaˈreljə)
1. (Placename) a region of NE Europe comprising areas of both Finland and Russia. Following the Russo-Finnish War (1939–40) a large part of what had been Finnish Karelia was annexed by the former Soviet Union; together with the part of Karelia which already belonged to Russia at that time, it corresponds roughly to the modern Karelian Republic in Russia
2. (Placename) another name for the Karelian Republic


(kəˈril yə)

1. a region in the NW Russian Federation in Europe, comprising Lake Ladoga and Onega Lake and the adjoining area along the E border of Finland.
2. Karelian Autonomous Republic.
Ka•re′li•an, adj., n.
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Noun1.Karelia - a region in Finland and Russia between the Gulf of Finland and the White Sea
Finland, Republic of Finland, Suomi - republic in northern Europe; achieved independence from Russia in 1917
Russian Federation, Russia - a federation in northeastern Europe and northern Asia; formerly Soviet Russia; since 1991 an independent state
Carelian, Karelian - a member of the Finnish people living in Karelia in northwestern European Russia
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Member of the Council of Federation Committee on Agrarian and Food Policy, representative from the legislative (representative) body of state power of the Republic of Karelia Igor Zubarev commented on the introduction of changes to the federal target program "Development of Karelia for the period until 2020 " .
After driving the very latest specification Toyota Gazoo Racing South Africa Team Hilux in South America last month, al-Attiyah reverts to a 2017-specification Toyota for his challenge for honours in the snowy wastelands of Karelia in north-western Russia this weekend.
In an effort to identify the cause, Finnish researchers began to collect data, including skin prick tests and blood samples, from inhabitants of North Karelia, Finland, and the neighboring Russian Karelia in 1998.
TEHRAN (FNA)- At least 10 children died after three tourist vessels were caught in a lake storm in Karelia, Northwest Russia, police told TASS.
Alexey Golubev and Irina Takala, The Search for a Socialist El Dorado: Finnish Immigration to Soviet Karelia from the United States and Canada in the 7930s (Winnipeg: University of Manitoba Press 2014)
Approximately 7,000 North American Finns ventured to Soviet Karelia in the early 1930s.
It is a quirk of Finnish history that, while the Reds lost the bloody civil war of 1918, they nevertheless did secure a base in the territories of East Karelia, which had been so coveted by the Whites.
5 March 2014 - US software company Karelia Software LLC said it had taken over local sector company Potion Factory.
The home furnishing giant ran into controversy after a May investigation revealed that its wholly owned subsidiary, Swedwood, has been clear-cutting old growth forests in the Russian republic of Karelia, north of St.
2m/EUR24m) domestic bond issue of Russia's republic of Karelia.
Of these, the Karelia ladogensis at the SE border, comprises only two narrow stretches, which as such would not deserve the status of a province.