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A village of east-central Egypt on the right bank of the Nile River on part of the site of ancient Thebes. Its pharaonic remains include the Great Temple of Amun and a massive structure begun by Amenhotep III.


(Placename) a village in E Egypt, on the Nile: site of the N part of the ruins of ancient Thebes


(ˈkɑr næk)

a village in E Egypt, on the Nile: the N part of the ruins of ancient Thebes.
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The mosque of Marmud II at Torphna, from the Arsenal, Constantinople The Prince of Wales, seated on the rock in the right foreground, and the rest of his Royal party in the hall of columns at Karnak, Egypt, during the 1862 Middle East tour
They were also sea- faring merchants who imported timber from Byblos, a Mediterranean city in present- day Lebanon, semi- precious stones from Afghanistan and myrrh for the mummification industry at Karnak, Egypt, and they exported grain and beer to Greece.
The immersive experience allows visitors wearing 3D-stereo eyeglasses to virtually explore the kind of tomb in which Nesperennub was buried, next to his wife, on the opposite side of the River Nile from Karnak, Egypt.