(kär′ər), Paul 1889-1971.
Russian-born Swiss chemist. He shared a 1937 Nobel Prize for his research on carotenoids and flavins.


(ˈkɑr ər)

Paul, 1889–1971, Swiss chemist, born in Russia: Nobel prize 1937.
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From 1990 until 1994, she worked as lawyer at law firm Bar & Karrer, Zurich.
In the words of Heinz Karrer, Chairman - Kuoni Group, "The Kuoni Group has been transformed from a broad-based travel company pursuing a wide range of very different activities into a focussed global service provider for the professional travel industry and governments.
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Counsel also said Mr Young was an associate of a German national, Florian Karrer, who around this time had bought another apartment from Mr Corr in Bangor, Co Down.
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Martin Karrer, "The Epistle to the Hebrew and the Septuagint," offers an overview of the citations from the Old Testament in Hebrews.
lt;p>Goldman Sachs International acted as exclusive financial advisor and Clifford Chance along with Baer<p>& Karrer served as legal counsel to Aabar in relation to this transaction.
A concise summary was provided by Tony Karrer in his excellent session at the ASTD on "e-Learning for personal and group learning" (1).
The president of Swiss energy group Axpo, of which EGL is a member, Heinz Karrer, told that such attacks are "incomprehensible" pointing out that "many other countries" also obtain energy from Iran.