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n.1.(Ethnol.) Same as Cossack.
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Zu falten sind alle Mischgewebeartikel wie: Berufsbekleidung wei Arztkittel, Hosen, Kasack, Polo-Shirt, Patientenhemden; Berufsbekleidung farbig OP-Schutzkittel, OP-Kasack, OP-Hose, Laminatmntel; Berufsbekleidung Betriebstechnik Kittel, Hosen, Jacken usw.
In the next essay Thomas Pekar attempts a comparison of exile works by Anna Seghers and Thomas Mann and early post-war works by Hermann Kasack and Elisabeth Langgasser, focusing on experiences of delocalization and katabasis (the visit to the land of the dead, the most extreme form of delocalization).
He mentions, with qualified praise, literary works by the German authors Boll, Arno Schmidt, and Hermann Kasack, as well as non-German eyewitness reports by Stig Dagerman and Janet Flanner, among others.
The list is surprisingly long, but few, if any, are up to the task: Hermann Kasack, whose The City Beyond the River (1947) Sebald regards as the "key text" in this group, is guilty of "ignoring the appalling reality of collective catastrophe" and reverting to "the code of the Fascist intellectual world.