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(Placename) a city in the E Sudan: founded as a fort by the Egyptians in 1834. Pop: 430 000 (2005 est)


(ˈkɑ sɑˌlɑ, ˈkæs ə lə)

a city in the E Sudan. 234,270.
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Arrested along with Remegio and Coronel were Carlo Kasala, a 25-year-old doctor and Jose Carlo Torres, a 38-year-old engineer.
The roads approved here Thursday by the Chief Minister included Namli Maira, Kasala, Barhotri and other areas of Galiyat that had already been reflected in the annual developmental program of the province.
Thousands of people in the impoverished eastern state of Kasala bordering Eritrea fled their homes after the river Gash burst its banks, flooding entire villages inhabited by farmers.
The Minister said there is a zero case as of today Monday, in the state of Kasala, Red Sea, and Blue Nile while the reported cases up to yesterday Sunday in all states were 257 cases and only one fatality was reported in as the White Nile State out of 97 cases reported there.
Ruth Easton is calling on people to donate their unwanted glasses and will travel to the Kasala region of Uganda to run an eye clinic next month.
Arpana Bhide (1), Rajasekhar Durgaprasad (2), Latheef Kasala (2), Vanajakshamma Velam (2), Narendra Hulikal (3)
Al-Turabi was born in Kasala Eastern Sudan in 1932.
Younis will be accompanied by the Movement's deputy foreign affairs secretary Yasin Haroun, humanitarian affairs officer Mohamed Ali Hmmad, commander Salah Mohamed Eisa, commander Mohamed Ali Siyam and Commander Adam Abdallah Kasala.
Carmela Kasala (Philippine Society of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Inc).
Ahmed Altayed, Vice Chancellor Kasala University, Sudan, Prof.
In a 1 December 1933 article that reiterated the attack's "ferociousness," the newspaper reported that Odongo s/o Kasala, a member of the Mkidi tribe, was charged with Tarlton's murder ("Murder: Charged" 1).
New board members include vice-president Mahmoud Nawar, treasurer Ali Moulani, secretary Kamlesh Kasala and board members William Tohme and Zeeba Askar.