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a. A native or inhabitant of Kashubia.
b. A person of Kashubian ancestry.
2. The West Slavic language of the Kashubians.

Ka·shu′bi·an adj.


(kəˈʃu bi ən)

a West Slavic language closely related to Polish and spoken in N Poland near the mouth of the Vistula.
kašubský jazykkašubština
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Most often, they mentioned the following minorities: Jews, 96%; Gypsies, 88%; Kashubians, 87.
Similar comments apply to regional divisions among the Poles, where the Kashubians speak a separate language and the Goral dialect is incomprehensible to most of the Poles.
In Poland they can be compared to the Kashubians near Gdansk or the Polish Tatars in Podlasie.
Like ball lightning, wieldzi as the Kashubians would say--enormous.
The fishermen in this story are Kashubians, a distinct ethnic group that has inhabited the same area of what is now north-central Poland for centuries.
What was the relationship of the Kashubians to the Poles, and of the Ruthenians and Hutzuls to the Ukrainians?
No one, after all, was proposing to give the Kashubians, the Polesians, the Pomaks, or any of the other small ethnic groups of the region a state of their own.
Both Kashubians and Poles alike, none of whom he was able to discern by language, were for him as grey dust: covered long ago with pavement, only at times to unveil its existence in assigned areas.
Influenced by my mother's background, it bore the title "The Kashubians," but the action did not take place in the painful present of that small and dwindling people; it took place in the thirteenth century during a period of interregnum, a grim period when brigands and robber barons ruled the highways and the only recourse a peasant had to justice was a kind of kangaroo court.
During his travels Bismark came into contact with the Kashubians who, despite the politics of Germanization, retained their own language and identity.