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n. pl. Kaskaskia or Kas·kas·ki·as
A member of a Native American people forming part of the Illinois confederacy.
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Crewmembers of the USS Kaskaskia will hold their reunion Sept.
Clair counties; the western part of Randolph County, defined by Route 3 on the east and the Kaskaskia River on the south, including the cities of Red Bud, Ruma and Evansville; Washington County (minus Ashley and Du Bois townships); and the entire city of Centralia, all in Illinois.
In this Making Military Training Count initiative, the College of DuPage, College of Lake County, Heartland Community College, Kaskaskia Community College, and Southwestern Illinois College reviewed military programs of instruction documents from among the ten military career fields with the largest number of service members provided by the Department of Defense and worked to develop articulated educational credit that applied directly to an educational major in Illinois.
Kaskaskia Community College, Centralia, IL - The three components of KCC's Expanding Our Entrepreneurship Toolbox project will include the launch of a “JIT” Just-in-Time Resource Center, providing spot-on and timely information that includes trained mentors through the college's Small Business Development Center.
Under a treaty of 23 February 1867, members of the Eastern Shawnee, Ottawa, Confederated Peoria and Miami (Peoria, Kaskaskia, Wea, Pianashaw, Miami, and remnants of other tribes of the Osage River Agency in Kansas), and the Wyandot Indians of the Delaware Agency of Kansas were moved to Indian Territory and were assigned to the Quapaw Agency.
Marie Turpin, a daughter bom to a mixed-race couple in Kaskaskia, was accepted as a nun among the Ursulines in 1751.
Kaskaskia was the site of its first capital -- the city had been the territorial capital since 1809, so it made sense to keep it there when Congress admitted Illinois to the Union in 1818.
Whole catchment land cover effects on water quality in the Lower Kaskaskia River watershed.
Lake Shelbyville was formed when the Kaskaskia River was dammed just east of the town of Shelbyville in 1970 by the Army Corps of Engineers.
JS&G Underground CS Will RS&D Mine CS Kane Martin Marietta Kaskaskia Quarry CS Randolph Aggregates Mining POWC Mine CS Will International, LLC Bartlett Mine CS Cook Vulcan Materials Co.
Most of my hunts have taken place in my home waters of the Mississippi, Illinois and Kaskaskia rivers.