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A long, single-edge sword for use with two hands, traditionally worn by samurai.

[Japanese, from Old Japanese : kata, opposite side, one (of a pair) + na, blade.]


(Fencing) a long, curved single-edged sword traditionally used by Japanese samurai
[C18: Japanese]
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Prominent symbols are egg shells and katanas, which represent resistance and rejection.
The mystery character also has four katanas with him and was photographed wielding a pair at some point during filming.
In DC lore, Samuroids are robotic samurai warriors built by the Japanese Baron Katana as revenge after World War II.
CTC Aviation Training New Zealand Limited (CTC Aviation) and Aeromotive Limited declared that they have inked a four-year contract for rendering aircraft maintenance support for CTC Aviation s 38 aircraft fleet of DA20 Katanas, Cessna 172s and DA42 Twin Star aircraft, worth $1.
Teens with an interest in warriors that fight with katanas, as well as the samurai class of feudal Japan, will enjoy this story.
The Rotax-powered Al Katanas at takeoff sounded like a sport motorcycle with a stuck throttle.
ACKLAM: After reading about campaigning mum Barbara Dunne gaining an emotional victory in her campaign to have deadly samurai swords banned, online reader Paul commented: "As a martial arts instructor I don't condone the sale of cheap imitation Katanas or any other sword type.
The large, bright screens of these new Katanas are ideal for easy viewing while texting, gaming or using productivity applications such as Sprint Navigation.
The early, 81-HP Rotax-powered A1 Katanas at takeoff sounded like a sport motorcycle with a stuck throttle.
With Private Wings, users can take to the air in Cessnas, Pipers, Katanas and more.
Katana has pioneered the development of the first-ever, enterprise-level technology services agreement built around dedicated project management, custom software and systems integration, and outsourced end user support.
ARDA has honored two key Katana executives with finalist nominations in the annual awards program.